Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PIC Generated PAL Video

I wanted to know if it was possible to reach a reasonable resolution using a PIC. For this project I used a PIC16F648A which has a capacity of 8 KB flash program memory. I chose for a PIC with such a big capacity because I wanted to use 4KB of the chip for a nice lookup table which could hold a full ASCII character set. In this 4KB block it can store 256 8×8 characters. The text shown at the screen is programmed in the PIC’s EEPROM as ASCII.

This project is not yet finished, that is why you see the same text again at the bottom of the screen.
(The EEPROM is 256 bytes so it can hold 256 characters, but the amount of characters that can be shown at one screen is much higher)

Okay so these black parts in the screen are caused by interference between the frame rates of the camera and the television. In reality the characters are shown nice and clear.

Meaning of the text shown:
“This project is not completely finished, but the PIC reads this text out of the EEPROM as ASCII, then it looks up the correct characters. There is enough space for a complete ASCII chart with characters of eight x eight”

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